farming is the backbone of every country but nowadays many youngsters hesitate to enter in this

Farming is the backbone of every country but nowadays many youngsters hesitate to enter in this profession. Why is this the case and what can be done to avoid it?

Agriculture is the main pillar of the global economy but nowadays younger generation is not taking farming as a profession because they feel shy. Most of them think that it is the job of uneducated people.

Firstly In today’s world, people like to do well secure as well as less work job and they need much time for enjoying their life however someone takes farming as a carrier than those above factors are not fulfilled in their life. The second reason is people do like too much physical hard work nowadays, in farming one should care about many things to grow crop successfully like while sowing crop seeds, it is properly sowed, water is sufficient for that. While at the time of harvesting it is necessary to monitor insects, birds and other animals are not to spoil the ready crop. Another reason is it is not necessary your crop will give you profit every year. For these many reasons, people feel hesitant while they try to enter farming.

To avoid those problems there are several solutions, first one is to introduce advance agriculture as a mandatory subject in higher secondary school so that in that age student know about various new techniques which are utilized for optimum farming and also influence from those technology developments in farming. second one is government give insurance on farming so when the crop will be spoil for any reasons like drought, fire, heavy rain then farmer has some money in hand by claiming their insurance. The government also gives loans at zero percentage of interest for purchasing farming equipment.

To conclude that if the government makes some new policies in favor of farming and clear as well as the advanced process of farming will know to a younger generation than they took farming as a profession without any hesitation.
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