immigration has a major impact on the society.

Immigration has a major impact on the society. What are the main reasons of immigration? To what consequences can it lead?

In today’s world, it can be witnessed that people are moving to and fro from one corner of the world to another to find better avenues earn livelihood and living. There are many reasons for this phenomenon and it has its ramifications as well. This essay will analyze probable reasons and repercussions of immigration on the world community.

To commence with, the foremost reason of shifting of the people from one region to another is to obtain a high paying job in accordance to their talent and qualifications. This notion is sufficient for anyone to immigrate to another destination where they are judiciously. Secondly, people often immigrate to other place in search of better quality of living as they are dissatisfied with the amenities given by the native federal council of that region. For instance, many families are immigrating to tax haven countries which provide better prospects for the future of immigrants. What is more, citizens feel unsettled in volatile environments that originate due to communal tension, hate politics and partisan nature of the government. Therefore, they plan to shift to other prosperous communities.

On the other hand, Immigration comes with its own set of challenges which has its impact on the economy of the both native and host nation. Firstly, as more people immigrate to countries offering conducive environment, proportionally it effects the host nation due to events such as brain drain, which indicates productive and well learned natives are abandoning their existing jobs for high renumerated opportunities in foreign land. Thus, leaving behind low productive people to their work in place of them, which eventually affects the economy in longer run. As more people will immigrate, less youth will be left to perform the work, which can overburden them impacting the overall productivity, and moreover significantly impact the economy. It is not that only the native nation will suffer the host nation will also be also have to bear the impact as entire health infrastructure will become and moreover, native residents will also fee agitated with competition in job markets.

To conclude from above paragraphs, we can say that people immigrate to find better job opportunities and concurrently improve their quality of life. However, immigration has its own drawbacks for both the host and the native nation.
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