in some countries, marriages are arranged by the parents but in other cases, people choose their

In some countries, marriages are arranged by the parents but in other cases, people choose their own marriage partner. Discuss both systems and state which one do you think is better. Give reasons and relevant examples for your answer.

Marriage is a legal relationship between man and woman which is one of the most important parts in most of the human's life. As time went by, marriage has changed significantly. In the past, marriage was arranged by the parents or elderly relatives and it still happens today with the limited number. In contrast, nowadays, most of the people believe that choosing their own marriage partner is the best way to have a long-lasting relationship. This essay will compare and discuss both systems.

Each country has its own culture and tradition. From thousands or more cultures, marriage is a common tradition almost in all countries and traditions. In some countries, mainly in Asia, arranged marriage is very common. Marriage is arranged by parents or flesh and blood to determine the best spouse for their children. It is believed by people who conduct this system that even if the bride and groom do not love each other at the beginning, love will bloom eventually. Moreover, these people assume that the benefits of arranged marriage outstrip the drawbacks. By arranging marriage, parents can protect their children from negative relationships like free sex or cohabitation. Besides, the possibility of divorce is declined since the parents generally select their children's spouse based on the similar background such as religion, tradition, language, and socio-economic class.

From another point of view, many people support that marriage should be based on love. They believe that everyone has the rights to fall in love and take a decision about his/ her own marriage partner, without intervention from others. Love marriage or marriage which comes from an own choice is very popular in western countries and also in this modern era. It is commonly believed that if people marry because of love, they will have a romantic relationship. Since they have recognised each other, they are able to respect and accept their spouses' weaknesses. In addition, people who opt to this way have a responsibility for their own choice. They will try to cope with their problems and find solutions for their marriage's life. They understand that they cannot blame anyone, including their parents because the decision to marry comes from them. This is the trends I am inclined to. My personal preference is to marry for love and choosing my own life partner.

In conclusion, both arranged marriage and love marriage have positive and negative sides. People can choose what they think good to do or not. Nevertheless, I believe that marriage is a sacred and beautiful relationship. If people decide to marry, they have to understand that respect to each other is as important as love. They should respect not only to their spouses but also to their parents and families.
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