many people are using credit cards or loans to run up huge personal debts that they may be unable

Many people are using credit cards or loans to run up huge personal debts that they may be unable to repay. It should, therefore, be made more difficult for individuals to borrow large amounts of money. What are your opinions on this? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your knowledge or experience.

These days a lot of individuals are tending to use various kinds of banking services: ordering credit cards, opening bank accounts and loans of different personal purposes. Some people argue that banking operations should be more complicated for customers. It should be unreasonable to suggest it is partly fair to impose some obligations and restrictions on those who are in need of such services.

To begin with, banks ought to inform people if they wish to lend a large quantity of money, they will be obligated to compensate a higher interest. All kinds of banking establishments have to make certain policies to avoid misunderstandings with customers and lessen uncomfortable situations related to using credit cards and loans. Therefore, representatives of above-mentioned institutions play a crucial role in explaining individuals about their rules. Workers have to forewarn of the consequences of disobeying the points of their rules, for instance, opening a criminal case.

Banking establishments need to take into account personal factors of the members of society. There should exist different rules for various customers. The members which use the services of the bank for longer periods of time or who have obtained the premium type of card should not be limited in time for repaying debts. They have shown themselves as trustworthy customers and deserve to be treated accordingly. It will stand in good stead for the establishment as well. It will unquestionably add prestige because the bank trusts and values its clients.

One could draw the conclusion that banking establishments have to take into consideration personal factors of the individuals when creating their policies. Credit cards and loans have to be provided by the bank with limitations for certain members.
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