nowadays anyone can post news on the internet.

Nowadays anyone can post news on the internet. As a result, we cannot trust information we read there. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

These days most people keep their selves updated through surfing and updating information in the internet. This phenomenon leads to the freedom of writing any kinds of articles in a wide range of social platforms. While some people quite sure to post any kinds of articles, I side with those who feel that only selected people can share their idea to be published on the internet.

On the one hand, it is a very good chance for citizens to write everything they know on the internet. Firstly, before this era, some people who are truly able of writing are hesitated to publish their writings so that they write only for their personal consumptions. From now on, they have more opportunities to share their minds freely without any charges and any pressure like sending their writings to online newspapers, blog, or journal. Secondly, it also opens to a new alternative of income. While facing difficulties in getting proper jobs, some people can make this chance to be their butter and bread by becoming free writers for a wide range of social platforms with good compensations. Thirdly, it also inspires the young generation to be more productive in sharing their knowledge rather than sending negative comments in social medias. Nowadays, we can easily spot some young netizens who share negativity by giving hate speech to influencers.

On the other hand, it is better to restrict what kind of writings are feasible and valid to be published. To begin with, it will be better if the editors put some requirements on the internet in order the writers are well informed and more careful to share their minds. Such as the editors will only receive writers who are certificated, or putting some restriction for sensitive issues to be published. Furthermore, filtering the topics which are well enough to be digested by citizens will be good in order the readers will be more educated and receive valid sources. Although eliminating some points, the social media editors need to do this to reach the goal of giving true information to all people.

In conclusion, there some positive sides of opening large chances to people in writing anything they want. I, on balance, convince that it will be more effective to restrict writings which are 100% real and feasible to be published.
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