overconsumption of sugar is unhealthy.

Overconsumption of sugar is unhealthy. Some people think that governments should take the responsibility to control sugar intake while others think it is the responsibility of individuals. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Majority of people depend on artificial sweetener for energy and it’s true that it has abysmal effects on health. a number of people have opinion that adverse effects of sugar can be mitigated with the initiative of government, However, others say that it is a personal choice of mankind, this notion will expound both aspects with my preference.

Controlling sugar intake is an obligation of the authority so as to keep the nation fit as fiddle. consequently, authority should impose higher tax on production of sugary items as well as boycott all the edible packed which are atrocious for dwellers. For exemplify - industries cannot produce products without the permission of authority and most of the nation are applying this rule to make their people healthy.

Furthermore, Ministry should awareness through campaigns and other resources regarding the consequences about intake of granulated sugar. Hence, it would be beneficial for people to know more that what Is better or worst for their health.

Paradoxically, there are few plausible parameters to bolster acceptance that dwellers should take care of themselves, as everyone knows that consumption of glucose could lead them to divergent ailments, so they should avoid all those items which generally enriched with sugar. As ek evidence, festivals is a gigantic example of in terms to use most sugar through sweets, cakes and many, although it’s can be curb by the individual merely.

Secondly, individual can take initiative towards to this that, they will stop buying the product which made by highly content of sugar, eventually this reason can slow down the process of production and firms would not manufacture the goods. As in result, one can live safe life in their future.

In conclusion, In my way of thinking that, government has all rights to make rules and regulation to manufacture their nation disease free, while one has brain so people should use wisely that what is better for their health.
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