some people believe that the internet has reduced the need for studying facts in history and

Some people believe that the internet has reduced the need for studying facts in history and science. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include examples from your knowledge or experience.

The knowledge taught to each generation of humans differs from the past. The best school curriculum prepares learners to not only survive but also to thrive in society, and traditionally, for the past few generations this has included a concentration on both history and science. However, times have changed and so have the needs of modern-day people. Therefore, I completely support the idea that the internet has reduced the need for modern-day learners to concentrate as much on historical and scientific facts in their studies, as the world wide web not only provides convenient access to such information but also creates a demand for alternative skills to prosper.

The internet allows individuals to access information about the past or sciences virtually anywhere and immediately, and in great up-to-date detail. Portable devices, such as laptops and smartphones which are connected to the net, enable learners to research the latest articles and videos on science and history at work, school, or home, whenever needed, and this makes it less important to commit such information to memory in school classes. Even though I did not learn as much about biology in my high school as my father, I was able to find out a lot of interesting scientific information about the COVID 19 vaccine by searching on my phone using the internet as soon as this vaccine appeared on the market, and this has allowed me to make an informed decision about my health.

An effect of the internet and the information age has been the demand of various skills needed for prosperity that are learned is school which replace that of historical and scientific knowledge. Millions of people in today’s world are working in thousands of jobs that require creative and critical thinking and the use of technology rather than factual knowledge of the past, as there is a plethora of new challenges faced by professionals daily in a rapidly technologically developing world. I read that the scientists who developed the COVID 19 vaccine were able to do so because of their advanced university curricula which promoted a high level of critical thinking rather than a pure focus on sciences; not in the least, using the internet to quickly communicate and advance their ideas.

In conclusion, the internet has given humanity the ability to discover scientific and historical information at the click of a button. As well, it has created a demand for different skillsets for prosperity that did not exist in the past. Therefore, I strongly believe that there is a much lower need for schools to focus on rote memorization of facts about the past and science. The goal of education should always be to enable a thriving society of the future.
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