young people are often influenced in their behaviours and situations by others in the same age.

Young people are often influenced in their behaviours and situations by others in the same age.This is called peer pressure.Do the disadvantages outweigh the advantages?

Undoubtedly, everyone get impress by someone. Similarly, youth is frequently influenced in their activities and position by titled person. It is termed as peer pressure. Despite having plethora benefits it has some drawbacks too, which I am going to discuss in this further essay.

There are myraid advantages of peer pressure. predominantely, every teenager needs someone with whom they can share their internal feelings. Because sometimes, youngsters have fear from their parents. So they hide some talkings from them. Consequently, their friend circle influence them most as they spend most of their day hours chatting with them. Besides this, adults adopt many good things, which they like in their friends. There are number of activities they learn with the help of companions. For instance, one of mine friend usually do their work late or in the hurry due to the fact of everyone get irritated easily from him. By joining our company, he became punctual and now all like his this habit.

There are a few disadvantages behind this. Primarily, in some circumstances youth indulge into bad activities. There are some adults in a group, who are not good in behaviour. When young people live with them then they will go astray. As a result, doing illegal activities put adverse impact not only on their present times on the contrary spoil their future. Apart from it, there are some adults, who belong to rich families, and they do not care about money. They buy expensive things just for show off in front of others. By watching their things in some situation others demand from parents for same things. When their parents refuse them or cannot afford then they will emotionally blackmail to their elders. Therfore, living with friends is good but try to imitate their bad habits is totally bad for adults, and elders as well.

To concise, although influenced by other agemates has numerous pros, yet it has still some cons, which cannot be negligible. But, if guardians should proper supervision on their child, then they will more safe, and beneficial for them.
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