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H1b visa reform

Over the years, the US h1b visa (also known as h1b签证) reform has been affecting the nerves of the big guys. Since Trump took office, it has tightened the H-1B visa quota very much. Recently, the US Department of Homeland Security DHS issued a heavy proposal: the latest H-1B reform package officially announced! US President Trump reaffirmed the slogan during the campaign period to buy American goods and hire Americans, with special emphasis on the inability to allow H-1B holders to replace American workers.

Millions of international students will be affected. The H1B visa is the most important type of work visa in the United States. It is a type of non-immigrant visa that is issued to a US company and employs a foreign professional with professional skills. Holders of H1B visas can work in the United States for three years, and then can be extended for another three years. If the identity of the visa holder has not changed after the expiration of 6 years, they must leave the United States. Chinese students studying in the United States want to stay in the United States. The normal and main route is professional immigration. The first pass is to obtain a work visa, that is, an H-1B visa. Over the years, in addition to the financial crisis, H-1B has been in short supply. According to the latest statistics, in recent years, there are more than 300,000 Chinese students studying in the United States. Apart from a small number of younger students, the number of graduates per year is particularly impressive. The annual H-1B visa for all international students and immigrants is 85,000. More porridge.

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