How to Do Double-Entry Bookkeeping in Excel

bookkeeping in excel

You’ll also need access to spreadsheet software such as Excel or Google Sheets. Before we get started on DIY bookkeeping, download a copy of Bench’s Income Statement Template. Later, you may prefer to use a different template, or even create your own. But when you’re getting started, the Income Statement Template is tidy and approachable. And it has everything you need to get a grasp of single-entry bookkeeping in Excel. If you’re planning to do your small business accounting with Excel, this is one of those times.

bookkeeping in excel

The sign change can easily be switched when the time comes so that it looks a bit more intuitive. List each invoice by ID number, date, customer name, description, and amount. The template provides a running total each time you enter a new invoice and calculates the total amount invoiced to date.

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With the help of our set of handy integrations, you can easily import Excel workbooks onto your dashboard and use that data to contribute to your wider works on Balance sheet accounts, on the other hand, are permanent accounts. Copy and paste the account numbers and account titles from the chart of accounts into the entry. Add rows to the document each time you need to post a journal entry. You bring in a professional accountant and they require access to specialized accounting software.

Once the business grows, it is recommended to utilize proper accounting software. From there, Jane will continue to enter a line for each transaction. If she sells machining services to a customer, she would record a credit to the “Revenue” account, and a debit to an “Equity” account.


Check out our list of the best small business accounting software for inspiration. Bank reconciliation is one of the most important accounting tasks for your business because it protects you from potentially overdrawing your account or becoming a victim of fraud. Reconciliation is the process of comparing your bank or credit card statement with your bookkeeping records for the same time period so that you can pinpoint any discrepancies.

  • Accounting spreadsheets require manual entry, so your risk of error is high.
  • Excel offers the ability to create book-keeping templates for your unique requirements of receipts, invoices, and other reports that you need quite often.
  • The reporting systems might not seem flexible concerning your company’s needs.
  • Every small or large business or small or large individual who has money to manage, has a means of income or revenue.
  • Top five ways accounting software can help your Small business to run smoothly and boost its financial numbers.
  • By default, the Income Statement includes data for every account listed in the Chart of Accounts.

Through its combination of pre-populated formulas and custom calculations, Excel is an excellent bookkeeping spreadsheet tool. You can be charged a bumper while filing your taxes if your cash flow management has been managed in a disorganized and careless manner.

Advantages and Disadvantages – Excel vs Quickbooks

Comparing such financial datasets can be done with one click. You can also compare your customer base across geographies, and analyze other factors like age, preferences, spending capacities, etc., to understand your audience better. Let’s explore bookkeeping with Excel templates and look at its pros and cons objectively so that you can make the right decision for your business. Yet, businesses and entrepreneurs have been using the age-old tool of Excel for their bookkeeping, budgeting, and accounting needs.

If you make one entry, you must make another entry in a corresponding account. Excel offers formula tools and formats that can help you with your accounting needs if you’re not quite an accounting expert. We provide third-party links as a convenience and for bookkeeping informational purposes only. Intuit does not endorse or approve these products and services, or the opinions of these corporations or organizations or individuals. Intuit accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, legality, or content on these sites.

Boekjaar Boekhouding Excel Werkboek – Door Talarek Boekhouden

Also, it helps to settle any issues the client may have with their accounts in your business. Bookkeeping How to Track Your Small Business Expenses Effectively? Read easy and effective step-by-step process for tracking small business expenses & to know more about business expenses, why you need to track them. We see that Excel can be easy for some straightforward accounting, albeit with a learning curve. However, to make life easier, you will need more automated software as it can give small businesses like yours a much-needed boost. Additionally, more professional software is generally more robust, scalable, user–friendly, dynamic, reliable, and secure than traditional Excel accounting. This helps save costs and energy for specific business purposes such as receipts, invoices, and other reports that are required every day.

What do companies use instead of Excel?

  • Google Sheets.
  • Zoho Sheet.
  • Microsoft Office Excel Online.
  • Smartsheet.
  • LibreOffice.
  • WPS Spreadsheets.
  • Quip.
  • Apache OpenOffice Calc.

Copy and paste your chart of accounts into the spreadsheet. Nearside is a financial technology company and is not a bank. Nearside’s free Excel bookkeeping template offers all that, thus providing a simple yet effective bookkeeping system that you can implement in your small business. Thus, if you make a sale of $10,000, you’ll simply record it as revenue worth $10,000. And if you pay utility bills of $900, you will record it as an expense of $900 because that’s the amount going out of the business. While you can create your own bookkeeping template from scratch, the easiest way is to download a ready-made Excel bookkeeping template.

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