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The age-Dependent Dating anywhere between Hypertension and Intellectual Handicap: A mix-Sectional Studies in a rural Area of Xi’an, China

The age-Dependent Dating anywhere between Hypertension and Intellectual Handicap: A mix-Sectional Studies in a rural Area of Xi’an, China

Blood circulation pressure is actually a convertible chance grounds for cognitive impairment, while the relationships between blood circulation pressure and you may cognitive impairment isn’t completely knew. The reason for this study was to look at the the result regarding ages on relationships between blood pressure level and you may cognitive handicap.


Hypertension and you will around the world cognitive setting pointers is built-up of 1799 professionals (decades forty–85) just who lived in a town regarding the suburbs out-of Xi’an, China, while in the for the-people interviews. Cognitive handicap is actually defined as a mini-State of mind Test (MMSE) get lower than this new cutoff well worth. The end result of age with the matchmaking anywhere between blood circulation pressure parameters [systolic blood circulation pressure (SBP), diastolic hypertension (DBP), suggest arterial blood pressure levels (MABP), and you may high blood pressure (HBP, SBP?140 mm Hg and you can/otherwise DBP?90 mm Hg)] and you will intellectual impairment try examined from the logistic regression patterns playing with communications and you can stratified studies. Hypertension and you will decades was in fact considered to be both continuous and categorical studies.


A total of 231 participants were diagnosed as having cognitive impairment based on our criteria. Interaction analysis for the total population showed that SBP (when regarded as continuous data) was positively correlated with cognitive impairment (OR = 1.130 [95% CI, 1.028–1.242] per 10mmHg, P = 0.011); however, the age by SBP interaction term was negatively correlated with cognitive impairment (OR = 0.989 [95% CI, 0.982–0.997] per 10mmHg?year, P = 0.006), indicating that the relationship between SBP and cognitive impairment was age-dependent (OR = 1.130?0.989 (age-55.5) per 10mmHg,40 ?age?85). When the blood pressure and age were considered as binary data, the results were similar to those obtained when they were considered as continuous variables. Stratified multivariate analysis revealed that the relationship between SBP (when regarded as continuous data) and cognitive impairment was positive for patients aged 40–49 years (OR = 1.349 [95% CI: 1.039–1.753] per 10mmHg, P = 0.025) and 50–59 years (OR = 1.185 [95% CI: 1.028–1.366] per 10mmHg, P = 0.019), whereas it tended to be negative for patients aged 60–69 years (OR = 0.878 [95% CI: 0.729–1.058] per 10mmHg, P = 0.171) and ?70 years (OR = 0.927 [95% CI: 0.772–1.113] per 10mmHg, P = 0.416). Results similar to those for SBP were obtained for DBP, MABP and HBP as well. Subsequently, SBP, DBP and MABP were transformed into categorical data (SBP<140mmHg, 140mmHg?SBP<160mmHg, and SBP?160mmHg; DBP<90mmHg, 90mmHg?DBP<100mmHg, and DBP?100mmHg; MABP<100mmHg, 100mmHg?MABP<110mmHg, and MABP?110mmHg), and the stratified multivariate analysis was repeated. This analysis showed that the age-dependent association continued to exist and was especially prominent in the SBP?160 mmHg, DBP?90 mmHg and MABP?110 mmHg groups.


Raised blood pressure is actually undoubtedly synchronised with intellectual impairment from the middle-aged, but this self-confident association declines having expanding many years. Such efficiency showed that particular blood circulation pressure administration suggestions for certain a long time is crucial for maintaining cognitive energies

Citation: Shang S, Li P, Deng Yards, Jiang Y, Chen C, Qu Q (2016) The age-Mainly based Dating anywhere between Blood pressure and you may Intellectual Impairment: A combination-Sectional Research when you look at the a rural Area of Xi’an, Asia. PLoS You to definitely 11(7): e0159485.

Copyright: © 2016 Shang et al. This is exactly an unbarred supply article marketed according to the regards to the brand new Imaginative Commons Attribution License, and that it allows unrestricted have fun with, shipment, and you will breeding in just about any average, considering the initial writer and you may supply are paid.

Study Availability: On account of constraints implemented because of the bodies of your own Man’s Republic regarding China, study can not be generated publicly available in reference to new Tort Responsibility Legislation and Statistics Law. Studies access has also been limited by the moral approval to guard personal data out-of players. People shopping for accessing the information and knowledge have to discovered moral acceptance from the medical Integrity Panel of one’s Very first Connected Healthcare off Xi’an Jiaotong University (). Wants an excellent de-identified studies put using this research could be provided for related creator Qiumin Qu () immediately following finding moral approval.

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