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Once he returned about palace Kuon sings your a tune when he rests

Once he returned about palace Kuon sings your a tune when he rests

It is required one to Kuon sooner suits that have Haku actually near the top of a comparable ruins where she first-found your.

Relationships [ ]

  • Kuon – She’s Haku’s guardian, or so she says and additionally they consider each other given that family. Previously, there is absolutely no close feelings involved anywhere between this lady and you can Haku, but nevertheless she cares having your. The woman is a bit of a slave-driver as well given that she always pushes Haku to focus, which is her own way of and work out your separate and you can reliable. Up coming when you look at the Futari zero Hakuowlo they truly became one or two.

Special Faculties (??)

After the war against the Uzuurusha ended, She made an effort to perk your upon a romantic date and also have your a love page where Haku did not a little understand what she meant to say on that letter. At that time when Yamato declares war on Tuskur he was a little concerned about Kuon, The guy tried to ask this lady if she may help him in order to send provides so you can Yamato armies regardless if possibly they both failed to agree concerning the conflict, however when he knows that she is not inside her area upcoming the guy searched every-where to obtain the lady, where it ideas one Haku also cares much having Kuon. Haku was surprised observe Kuon on the someone else ready to leave are and she grins during the Haku with a happier and you can happy deal with. The guy enjoys this lady providers. In advance of the arrival so you can Tuskur, Haku asks her in the event the this woman is okay by enabling Yamato attack, she answers him because of the outlining her take care of having prevent the war once the she announces by herself since the just who will. After retreating off Tuskur, Kuon provided him particular business and expected him regarding his despair of one’s Emperor’s death, as Haku does not fall into Yamato. Following battle up against Vurai, he will get eager to speak to Kuon plus the anybody else at Ennakamuy. Unfortuitously, Oshtor’s death created one to Haku has to take their location to cover Anju of the hit their mask and you will clothes, therefore faking his death so you can Kuon’s despair and you will Haku’s despair. While the Kuon actually leaves Ennakamuy, Haku was about to disclose himself so you’re able to the woman however, his responsibility as Oshtor forces your to stop. As he stay until the people of Ennakamuy he still has the new metal fan one to Kuon provided your. It is noticed that Haku really cares for Kuon but the unsure in the event that they have emotions on her behalf. But not try hinted that he really wants to be along with her.

From inside the Cover-up out-of Basic facts, Kuon features difficult attitude on Oshtor just like the while the she saw your since responsible for Haku’s “death” and you may she actually travelled for the a rage when she (with her term undetectable) sees your having fun with Tessen and you may claiming that he wielded they to help you award a friend. Aggravated, she first started really conquering and could have continued so you can or even getting Anju’s disturbance. Their overhearing Oshtor muttering some thing she knows only Haku would say immediately results in the lady suspecting their correct term and you may captures the girl off guard really one she is incapable of specialize in this lady fight with Anju. Due to these events she calls regarding Tuskur’s organized attack regarding Yamato and you can returns on the class lower than their previous guise. The woman is hoping on Oshtor’s true label, she starts to eliminate your in much the same ways she handled Haku. This woman is shocked out-of what he could be ready by top the war, but significantly more whenever fighting better opposition such as Mikazuchi and you may Typing inside Akuruka’s setting. She’s concerned with your utilising the Akuruka because it is feed on his lives. Kuon refuses one to as the a reason because and you can she’s going to wait a little for to possess his address.

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