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Global React Js Developer Salary And Hourly Rate Report

The number of developers interested in React JS and web development is growing every day. With just a few years of experience and the correct set of talents, a career in this industry can provide enormous rewards. Pune location has an average salary of Rs 4.3 lpa while it ranges between 1.1 lpa – 11.5 lpa on the basis of experience. Hyderabad Location has an average salary of Rs 4.2 lpa while it ranges between 2.11 lpa to 17.7 lpa based on experience.

  • With just a few years of experience and the correct set of talents, a career in this industry can provide enormous rewards.
  • Both clients and developers may appeal to the digital product agency assistance to increase the chances of working at projects on a better level.
  • Like many other positions, location can affect the average salary.
  • Rations only the estimated salary range is $96,250/year – $125,000/year.
  • A thorough understanding of React and its core principles is required for a React developer.

To evaluate the average annual salary for React Developers in the US, we checked the base income for Front End developers. As a matter of fact, a Front End Developer in the US stands to take home $100,329 annually. San Francisco, CA, Austin, TX, and New York, NY are the best-paying cities in the US with annual salaries of $142,412, $113,732, and $112,320 respectively.

React Native developers should be hired if your company is looking for native mobile app development. React development is equally in demand in other countries around the world. While the average salary differs based on market rates, minimum wages, country’s economy, and so on, a few factors remain the same. All these benefits lead to a huge demand in the job market for React professionals.

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According to Stack Overflow, 28.3% of professional developers use React. From a business perspective, it’s important to know that React offers significant flexibility and efficiency. If you’re after React developers, you should know exactly what skills and experience you need and be prepared to offer competitive pay rates. Here’s an overview of the average React developer salary across the US, based on the available data.

It’s used by React Developers to essentially design and implement user-facing features for websites and apps, a huge component of the tech industry. As such, there’s plenty of demand for this role, and React Developers are relatively well-paid. This method also has a similar potential to increase an average react developer’s salary. Moving from PHP back end to React front end, from front end to cross-functional, or to testers can dramatically increase your income too.

React employs a declarative approach that makes it easy to reason about your application while also aiming for efficiency and flexibility. It creates basic views for each state in your project, and when your data changes, React updates and renders the appropriate component quickly. Your code will be more predictable and easier to debug using the declarative perspective. According to, Front-end React Engineer job the demand for C++ developers will grow by 21%, creating 284,100 jobs in the… Jennifer is a content writer at Udacity with over 10 years of content creation and marketing communications experience in the tech, e-commerce and online learning spaces. When she’s not working to inform, engage and inspire readers, she’s probably drinking too many lattes and scouring fashion blogs.

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Below is the comparison of the yearly user-reported salaries on various online sources. The numbers you’re about to see are the average estimate of different experience levels, from junior to senior. However, you’ll still be able to understand what’s going on in the market. When hiring abroad, some employers may assume that it’s easier to hire contractors, because they typically cost less and don’t require as much onboarding as employees do. However, every country has its own worker classification laws, and penalties for misclassifying team members can be costly.

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Statistics say that a React developer in the US earns at least more than $90,000 annually. Basic knowledge of object-oriented programming, like Java, C++, Python, etc. React framework for their development activities because of its scalable and low-maintenance system.

If React development is not your main LOB, the best idea is to hire a remote developer for the plethora of benefits already discussed. You get guaranteed quality, flexibility, and budget-friendliness with a remote worker, which can elevate your final product. In this process, you’ll be able to understand whether to hire a remote worker, freelancer, or in-house developer. This also helps the developer to understand how to utilize their skills and experience for the project. Full stack React developer salary will be higher overall, so if you need only front end development, discuss the remuneration accordingly. Is one of the best and most efficient platforms to help you find the right React developer for your project.

Why Ukrainian React Js Developers Are The Best

They work with designers and back-end developers to create the look and feel of a site. This will save time for both the parties as you can move on to the next opportunity if the candidate does not seem suitable to the salary structure. ReactJS developer job description or a collaborative conversation with the developer to lay down the scope of the development work. Hiring from a different country or time zone ensures the development work goes on round the clock and the project is completed in a shorter timespan. Our 50 person team of exceptionally talented designers, developers and consultants are distributed across our offices in California, Washington DC, and Colombia. A Customer Relationship Management platform that seamlessly integrates with your business operations.

Some popular names include Netflix, Dropbox, Facebook, BBC, Yahoo Mail, etc. React is simple, easy to learn, flexible, and integrates with other technologies. Wondering which tech stack to choose or how to get paid more in your current technology? Check out this video by David, Arc’s Head of DevRel, to learn what to expect.

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Because they are part of a worldwide job market, remote software engineers in Serbia typically have higher average salaries than those of non-remote, local engineers there. Node.js Developers earn an average salary range of $110,000-$160,000. Angular Developers earn an average salary range of $95,000-$175,000. WordPress Developers earn an average salary range of $65,000-$140,000.

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However, instead of a traditional degree, this field also accepts people who have completed web development courses. If you’re looking to hire a remote developer, you’re in the right place. Now that you already know global React remote developer salaries, use the hiring guide below to understand the full picture.

There are sources that provide monthly data of the earnings in the USA reaching $ 9,100 per month on average. It’s difficult to argue that the level of experience and location have a great impact on the average salaries. Another factor that counts, though, is definitely the knowledge and skills required for the position. In general, the more years you spend working as a React developer, the more you can expect to earn. Here’s how experience can impact your React developer salary, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Compensation Survey. We provide companies with senior tech talent and product development expertise to build world-class software.

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Hiring remote developers is a big task as you must interview numerous people before finding a fit and proceeding with further hiring rounds. This is why the smart choice is to engage a talent sourcing agency to do the tedious job for you. The pay scale varies based on whether the developer is being hired or working remotely, and also the depth of the project they are working on. For the dedicated model, you hire a developer for a long-term project that doesn’t have clear deadlines or fixed requirements.

Before you make any hiring decisions, consider the following factors, so you don’t end up underpaying or overpaying for your React project. We extrapolated ZipRecruiter’s numbers for senior developers across various years where one could expect to work a senior position. Those higher figures in the lower years of experience also work to offset Dice’s anomalously low predictions. Since Indeed only allows for a rudimentary search, its number only felt applicable to mid-level devs.

In this post, we will journey to five of the top tech hubs around the world and take a look into the salary for a React developer based on location. If you’re looking for a React developer, you definitely want to find top talent for the job. Salary is often the biggest magnets that can help you attract skilled candidates – make sure you’re familiar with the average pay in the US, and be prepared to offer a competitive salary yourself. Neuvoo that compare average salaries for React developers in different states. In order to improve your salary as a React developer, it is important to maintain a consistent level of performance.

Average salary for a React developer also depends on how you’ve recruited them. For the former, you have a fixed requirement, deadline, and budget. The company size somewhat tips the experience scale when it comes to hiring developers. Large companies like Google, Netflix, etc., are likely to pay a higher salary compared to smaller or newer companies. Remote React Developers make a global average of $72,342 USD per year (based on self-reported data). As the CEO of FullStack Labs, my primary responsibility is for the management of the company.

The average pay for a React developer in San Francisco is $112,000, according to Glassdoor, with top earners making over $165,000. Where you live can also impact how much you can make as a React developer. Typically, working in a large metropolitan area correlates to a higher salary, as well as a higher cost of living. We also prepared for you a detailed guide on hiring a dedicated React Native app developer. Every year, Ukrainian universities and IT schools produce more and more software development experts.